It’s not just the treatment 

I was scrolling thru my phone this morning and found a picture.. and then remembered I was going to write a blog post and didn’t. Damn you chemo brain (I can blame loads on that!) 

Anyhow as I’ve said before I had pretty much just prior to diagnosis decided I was pretty happy with me and how I looked. I was still actively trying to lost a few of the jiggly pounds but I didn’t look in the mirror and retch anymore. 

Now this is either irony at its best or straight down shitty but I didn’t realised how vain I was until cancer started stripping that away. Suddenly I looked ill.

I had to wear make up if I wanted to avoid the sympathetic head tilt that people often threw in my direction.

My eyebrows and eyelashes went (apart from one.. hang on in there dude!!), my finger nails are falling off, my face is ballooned..although going down a little now. 

But you know what it’s a small price to pay. If my options are be a little more heavy handed with the trowel and polyfilla for a year or so.. or take my chances with the reaper.. pass the blusher brush and chain me to boots make up counter. 

I took this photo before my make up and after to show the reality of cancer. Some days it’s just like a big game of dress up! 

Next time bagsy me the cinderella dress! 


2 thoughts on “It’s not just the treatment 

  1. Lorraine Crosby July 14, 2016 at 1:05 pm Reply

    You’re beautiful from the inside not what’s on show. However if the slap and war paint help you through the day, you go for it girl!!! Wishing you prayers and beautiful thoughts for tomorrow xxxx


  2. Jooles July 14, 2016 at 1:08 pm Reply

    I think you look gorgeous either way….. Has nothing to do with looks. Has to do with the person. All the best for the boobectomy….. My mum is 7 yrs post surgery…… And whilst her face has caved in ( her words not mine) due to the drugs, cancer never broke her spirit. She’s faced it twice (radical hysterectomy over 30 yrs ago). You’ve got that spirit and that strength. Ilegitimi non carborundum. ❤️


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