Line in..line out! 

Today is the day.. finally my Hickman line is coming out! 

I moaned like a stroppy teenager about having it but there is no denying it.. it did make things easier. I even managed to get rid of the district nurse visits and was taught how to flush my line myself.

But it is a pain in the arse (or chest!) .. I do catch it, and pull it, or fiddle with it, so will be nice to be tether free! 

The process isn’t nice. They literally numb you, seperate the cuff from any skin grown over it and pull it out. Not painful but a very bizarre pulling feeling. Then they put lots of pressure on your neck to stop you bleeding, dress it and you are done.

As with all cancer appointments then comes the cup of tea, pack of biscuits and please sit there for 10 minutes so we can make sure you aren’t going to die… that’s my favourite part! Maybe they would let me still come in for the tea, biscuits and don’t die sessions if I asked nicely?

However the following day I noticed the dressing was itching, and sore so popped back to the unit. Oooh said the nurse as soon as she saw me.. allergic reaction!

Wtf.. my body has had this exact same dressing on it for 15 weeks and now it decides it’s allergic. Give me a break! It’s sore and blistered but now has a different dressing on it which hopefully won’t make me look like I have the bubonic plague or a bad case of something lumpy and gross.

And already it’s Wednesday.. how did that happen.. 2 days to go till flat Friday.. holy mastectomy batman!


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